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Power Skills Lab!

Entrepreneurs, innovators and change-makers pull our world forward. They are the explorers and builders of solutions to our toughest problems.

We are here to help you turn aspirations and visionary goals into Mars-landings!

So we support you to make strategic changes most overlook and build the core skills that make the difference that matters, in your personal and professional life.

We focus on The Human Element. Not just quick fixes, tactics or latest technologies (even when we are the first to embrace them). We focus on what we call “transilient” growth and success so that your expertise and technical knowledge can be put to optimal use.

The Leadership Lab is for Innovators, Activists and Social Change Agents

We been training people online and in-person around the world for over 15 years. We started focusing on international activists and non-profits active at the United Nations and later include global-minded private sector innovators determined to use today’s technologies to make our world a better place.

We mentor, coach and help change-makers around the world leverage their strengths and extend their reach to make a positive difference in the world, and passionately enhance other people’s lives, enterprises and environment by equipping, positioning and connecting innovators, social entrepreneurs, and global minded endeavors.

We have the best mentorship, coaching and implementation plans to help you every step of the way. We have learnt it over years working with other mentors and entrepreneurs and have done it for our own business and our clients’ businesses for years!

YOU Are the Difference!

Having a lean organization does not have to mean you get less done. We help you focus on key practices that unleash human potential by putting strategic processes in place. By zeroing in on the small strategic shifts that make the biggest difference, you forge legendary, high-performing teams that are the difference, that make the difference in the world!

At the heart of your endeavors, you are the key.

We provide the support and accountability to make you the best version of yourself so many, many others will benefit.

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