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Lesson 10:

UN Offices Beyond UNHQ – NY

This is perhaps the shortest of the lessons thus far (maybe) but there are some important points made about 1:30 minutes in AND around the 15:45 minute mark and how to use the Advocacy Algorithm for “knowledge management” and not just for training.

By and large, however, this lesson provides a quick review of the UN Offices, expanding your further the “lay of the UN land.”


UN Office-Geneva

UN Office Addis Ababa

UN Office-Vienna
— https://www.unvienna.org/

ECOSOC Regional Commissions


Go back to each of the UN Office homepages and spend 5 minutes looking around, researching the information available through that Office.

In Geneva, or any of the regional offices, find one agency that interests you and explore it’s website—to broaden your own understanding of the scope of the work being done by the United Nations and its “family.”

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