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Lesson 16:

A Pause for Perspective

Perspective on Our Own Thinking by taking a look at 8 Beliefs that may be hindering our best intentions.

Discussion of the 8 Beliefs are intended to foster some introspection that has implications for your prospection… and how you make decisions going forward.

An additional video on “Your 3 Brains” provides a backdrop or perspectives that help you better understand and then navigate, the often hidden terrain, currents and drivers of each person you work and deal with.

Today we go over aspects of our work that are not traditionally part of advocacy. But being able to connect and be a “thought leader” is essential to effectiveness at the UN. So we will look more closely at some of the elements of advocacy that can give you the edge NGOs need:

  • Reality constructed through our relationships
  • Beliefs underpinning our experience and “reality”
  • An element of thinking needed to get you to your goals
  • Strategic plans that do not take beliefs into consideration—a recipe for success?
  • 8 pivotal beliefs


  • Make a point of continuing to observe (and differentiate) in your own thinking between your “debilitating” beliefs that undermine your ability to reach your goals and those that help you move forward and “grow” your success.
  • Perhaps you can think of one other belief that you have that you know is “not quite right” but it keeps popping up. Remember, we are not talking about the big philosophical beliefs here, but the small, functional ones…
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