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Lesson 18:

Permanent Missions

In this session we go over:

  • Permanent Missions to the UN
  • Missions, Embassies and Consulates
  • Diplomatic Titles, Ranks & International Relations
  • Diplomatic Focus of UN Missions
  • One Secret about the UN that many countries utilize to their advantage… and
  • How NGOs and individuals can benefit


  • Consider the benefits of utilizing the UN as a place to incentivize your organization’s members as volunteers or interns to the UN, and then being able to benefit from their contribution as volunteers to your NGO’s work at the UN. To this end, consider if there is a way to involve volunteers and/interns and talk with one of the decision-makers in your organization about the possibilities of including a volunteer program, or about upgrading your volunteer program based upon what you have been learning.
  • Write down 3 pros and 3 cons… and weigh the overall advantage to your advocacy goals.
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