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Lesson 19:

Protocols & Moccasins

Getting into the Shoes

(and minds and hearts) of those in diplomatic missions…

After we go over a few elements of protocol and the value of understanding the “norm” for diplomats are introduced to two protocol manuals. One is provided by the UN Office of Protocol, and the other by the UN Secretariat (ST/DCS/4/Rev.1). The two manuals can be downloaded from the links below.

We then take a bit of a “walk in the diplomats’ shoes” endeavoring to help give a fuller picture of the tasks and responsibilities that they have… and with this understanding, NGOs can better begin to refine their outreach strategies to the missions. This drives home the importance of the Express Course and the need to make the effort to package your NGOs strengths and services in a manner that enables the diplomats to see the NGO as a way they can achieve (part) of their goals quicker, faster and better. In this way, NGOs become solid allies instead of people who come into the UN but don’t really know whose house they have entered, or how to help.


Review both manuals so you know what they cover and glean even greater understanding of the work of the Missions to the UN.


Manual of Protocol
— http://bit.ly/ejaKax (Rev 7 – 2005)
https://www.un.org/dgacm/en/content/protocol/manual-of-protocol (Rev 9 – 2021)

UN Correspondence Manual
— https://undocs.org/ST/DCS/4/Rev.1

Other Reference Books:

Diplomat’s Dictionary (Cross-Cultural Negotiation Books)

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