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Lesson 20:

NGO Diplomacy

How can NGOs Influence International Agendas, Processes and Outcomes?

It is a question for many, how much influence NGOs have in international negotiations and their outcomes. In this lesson we begin to look at some of the ways that NGOs do influence global affairs in a globalizing world. While there are few definitive outcomes (as there are in life) NGOs are not inconsequential. Finding the ways in which NGOs can more predictably influence negotiations and outcomes is one of the quests of academics and NGOs (and governments) alike.

We begin to explore the ways in which NGOs do influence global agendas and policies and the ways that NGOs can strategically plan to do so.

But this endeavor is not completed in this lesson. It will continue into lesson 21. But do get started here!


Believe it or not, this is the first lesson with NO homework!


NGO Diplomacy
The Influence of Nongovernmental Organizations in International Environmental Negotiations
Edited by Michele M. Betsill and Elisabeth Corell
Foreword by Felix Dodds

NGO Diplomacy Conference Final Report
— https://infinity.wecabrio.com/262524767-ngo-diplomacy-the-influence-of-nongovernmental-org.pdf

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