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Lesson 21:

NGO Diplomacy… & there’s more

The Stages of Influence & Success

Starting with stages of influence we look a little closer at what we mean by influence, stages of success, and the evidence that we might find of NGO success in influencing international agendas, negotiations and processes.
The we continue with:

  • What we mean by influence & the kind of evidence of it there may be
  • A quick assessment of effect of some elements of influence
  • A framework for strategic NGO impact


  • What kind of an NGO do you consider yours is: environmental, social movement, community based?
  • What kind of influence does your organization have at the global level? Or can yours have more impact through the local/national levels or the collective international activity as it deals with the global commons?
  • Is your agenda already on the UN’s agenda? If not, how might you get it there?

Recommended Reading:

NGO Diplomacy: The Influence of Nongovernmental Organizations in International Environmental Negotiations

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