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Lesson 24:

Social Capital

Social Capital…

—Is important to efficient functioning of modern economies and stable liberal democracies.
—Strengthens society.
—Is a base for cooperation across sector and power differences.
—Helps shape regional development patterns.


  • Take this grid and make your own personal plan for developing one “high level” relationship that is important for you. (Ideally you would do this with your NGO team as well… in time.)
  • Schedule the FIRST “way point” on that plan as an activity to be accomplished within the foreseeable future. — Make sure you put a date and time to it!
  • Email your action, date and time to me! (This is not for me… it’s to help you be accountable to yourself 🙂
    And yes, I would love to see your plan unfold and hear your progress!

Recommended Reading:

Community Leadership Handbook: Framing Ideas, Building Relationships, and Mobilizing Resources

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