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Lesson 4: A Brief History

This Lesson & Links

This lesson covers some of the basics of where the UN is located today geographically.

But first, we take a quick tour from the Arcadia Conference in Washington DC to Dumbarton Oaks, San Francisco and New York.
We also take a look at what the UN looked like the first time Trygvie Lie moved into UNHQ in 1950 and a news reel from 1946 during the UN’s time in Lake Success, NY.

Now the windows are coming down off the facade (November 2010) during its first major renovations since it’s opening.

But we review more than the geography so you can better know the place you are walking into.


United Nations Day
— https://www.un.org/en/un75/events

UN Information Centers (UNIC)
— https://unic.un.org/
Local Offices, Programmes and Agencies
— https://www.un.org/en/department-global-communications/where-we-work
UN Association
— https://wfuna.org/

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