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Transformative Resilience…

for You & Your Team

THE Legendary Leadership Formula

You Know This is a Time of Challenge AND Opportunity…

You are ready to step out and step up.

You Need Your Team at Their Best

…especially in this COVID long-haul, building future-proof skills is simply smart. For everyone!

Building Team Resilience is Increasingly Essential

… but you don’t have the time to develop a plan to unleash your teams potential.

Get Your Team’s Mojo Back in 40 Days or Less

… all it will take is 5 LIVE weekly online classes and the Implementation Intensive to build new muscle.

Hi I’m Karen Judd Smith.
I help business leaders and their teams be the most bold, persuasive & resilient versions of themselves. Online and off.

Because in this day and age, that’s the only way to survive disruption and prepare for the real future of work, creating impact and meaningful difference.

Over the years and always on the leading edge of innovation, I’ve seen a thing or two.

Now, I’ll help you future-proof your core skills—so you and your team(s) know how to “do legendary.”

“Why Legendary? Watch the video to get my answer…”


In 40 Days or less, learn the 5 powerful keys to building legendary teams AND start seeing results.

You & A Team Member

… start leveraging the power of alignment—partnerships with a purpose.

You & Your Team

This unique training includes you and up to three team member. Want to include more? 

On Site Training?

Not yet. Shoot us a message if you are interested and when things start to open up, we’ll be in touch.