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Event Date:      Friday February 19, 2021

Start time:       10:00 AM Pacific | 1:00 PM Eastern | 6:00 PM GMT

Event Length:  3.5 hours

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Step 2: Plan to participate:

Team Resilience Day is a 3.5 hour event with Karen Judd Smith, Creator of Legendary Leadership Formula and more than 15 leadership training and capacity building courses.

Karen has decades of experience building successful teams that touched thousands of lives around the world, and, with the help of teams she shaped, accomplished all but impossible objectives in ridiculous amounts of time. DONE!

This is an interactive event where you can ask questions as you create and launch your online courses.

We encourage you to turn your camera on to make the experience as interactive as possible, as you ask questions.

Here is a rough agenda on what will be covered:

First hour of the event:
The transformative resilience model and how to benefit from its “three drivers” approach.

Second hour of the event:
How to build a resilient team in 4o days or less.

Third hour of the event:
The daily nudge that builds massive resilience.

Last thirty minutes: Final questions and answers that weren’t answered during the event.

Step 3: Invite others—especially your team!

Invite your peers, members of your leadership team, or people who might be interested in building their resilience during the COVID long-haul—and especially your own team members!

Simply send them a message with the link to this page: to register for the event for free.

Step 4: Get this book on Amazon

Change !t Up

While waiting for the event, you can order Change !t Up (available in soft cover or Kindle version).
This explains how to use the simple and powerful Solutions Matrix “compass” so you don’t get stuck, or worse in a problem storm.